Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Ladies and GM, only for you to drool

It might or might not match up to your expectations of an ‘exquisite’ machine.

Recently a colleague expressed his wish to have a ‘BMW 7 series’.


But whats interesting to think about is ... what do people like us have to do to buy such pieces of engineering? What do you think, you need to do or change in order to be in a position to acquire these?


I usually get to notice these in the night... God knows why... but today morning I saw it and even better, got to stop at the signal close to these people so I had the opportunity to ask the question thats always been on my mind whenever I see such magnificent pairing of man and machine... here is the short conversation for your delight


I: Excuse me. What do you do?

Pillion lady: (Smiles) Its imported

I: No... What  do  you  do?

Pillion Lady: (Smiles) Oh! Its a long procedure!

I: No... As in, WHAT DO YOU DO FOR A LIVING? [Thinkin: God! Do I have to spell it out to you?!!]

I got the rider and the pillion lady cracking, a little awkward wondering ... now how do we answer that?!! Lets continue laughing.


Thankfully signal turns green while they are still cracking, I tell them .. nice piece of machine... and we drive off.


Tell me ... what is your dream machine and what do you think you have to do to get it? Dont give me become a polition / underworld don


Woman waiting for her machine,


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