Monday, October 03, 2011

Truli Rndm Joy

I hate forgetting passwords. I hate having to click ‘Forgot password’...a symbol of me admitting defeat.

Most password generators produce a random senseless mix of alphabets and numbers, but there is this one place where the first half are alphabets and the second half are numbers. One of the times I forgot my password here, the password I got started with ‘chrmd’. I was ‘chrmd’ and it remained my favourite password till I forgot the second half. I love forgetting my password here, it feels like hitting a slot machine. You just wait and see what your password will turn out to be. If I am not impressed with the password I hit it till I get something that makes me happy. And I did get something that made me happy – the first half of the password reads ‘aNut’.

1 comment:

Pamboo said...

Good that it didn't get lock b4 pleasing you :)