Monday, October 10, 2011

Aaromale - my beloved! Lyrics Translation

Aaromale – means Beloved in my mother-tongue, Malayalam.

The song under discussion is ‘Aaromale’ from the Tamil movie “Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa”.  A Malayalam song in a Tamil movie - Interesting! You should watch the movie. It is perhaps one of the best romantic movies I have seen. I rarely ever like one. For years my brother and I have discussed the failed attempts to westernize commercial music in Malayalam. I actually had come to the conclusion that it perhaps might have something to do with the language’s capacity to adapt to new sounds. All attempts that we had heard till recently, tried too hard that it would sound over the edge or sound like a skewed interpretation of Western music by someone who didn’t believe in it. My brother and I gave such music in our mother-tongue a name – “Wannabe Music”. They try too hard but, not just fail miserably but can sound sadly tacky. I had heard of a lot of promising individual artists who proved to me that my language had no constraints like I had believed it to have. But will someone come up with a successful commercial proof? This, my dears, is that song. I have no doubt that there will be more new sounds to hear in my mother-tongue.

I loved this song ever since I heard it the first time and that was when I watched the movie. At times, it gives me goose bumps. The rock version I mean! ( Some of you might be just thinking the way I was till today, “What?! There was another version?!!!” Yep there is a female humming version ). My brother and I would rock to it, sing it in the car. Like any song, it’s fun to sing it with people who enjoy it, no matter how out of tune it might sound to the rest of the world. Ok, back to the point.

Listen to them here.

Alphonse is a great music director, but I did not know that he could sing with such soul. The feel of both the versions are so diverse. Alphonse’s version has got a haunting feel to it, you can feel the yearning of an insatiable soul, demanding or may be begging answers from his beloved, while in Shreya’s version, she romantically playfully teases the beloved. Alphonse’s version starts slow, with a country string work, and then it slowly and steadily picks up momentum both in tempo and expression ... sounding like, rock music riding on the back of Hindustani. Shreya’s version speaks to you using only one word, ‘Aromale’,  but sensually toys around with Carnatic music to perfection and reaches out to the beloved in you,... gently holds your hand and tugs you,  teases you, beckons you ... drawing you, her beloved's attention back to where it belongs.

Any way this post was long pending. I wanted to share the translation for the haunting rock version of this song and this is the best I could find online : (special thanks to Wersp), I have taken the liberty to make a few changes to the translation though. Oh, before you get to the translation, the song was composed, lyrics was written and the song was sung ... all in 4 hours. Wersp, once again thank you for the translation!

Vocal: Alphonse

Mamalayeri Varum Thennal
(The breeze comes, riding the mountains.)
Puthu Manavalan Thennal, ...
( The breeze, the bridegroom,... )
Palli Medayae Thottu Thalodi Kurushil Thozhuthu Varumbol,
arrives after praying at the alter,
Varavelpinu MalayalaKara Manasammatham Choriyum,
And Kerala welcomes him by showering him, with her consent.

Aaromalae, Aaromalae, Aaromalae, Aaromalae....
(O Beloved....O Beloved...O Beloved.....O Beloved...)

Swasthi Swasthi Su Muhurtham,
(On this auspicious occasion ... )
Sumungali Bhava, Manavatti
(O Bride, may you be blessed with a long wedded life)
Swasthi Swasthi Su Muhurtham,
(On this auspicious occasion ...)
Sumungali Bhava Manavatti
(O Bride..,May you be blessed with a long wedded life)

Shyama Rathri Than Aramanayil,
( In the inner sanctum of the dark night )
Mari Nilkayo Tharakame,
(O Star..why are you keeping away ? )
Pulari Manjillae Kathiroliyay,
(Like a ray of light in the morning mist,)
Akalae Nilkayo Penmaname,
( Are you standing afar, my lady ? )

Chanju Nilkuma Chillayil Nee, Chila Chilambiyo Poonkuyilae
(Perched on the bent bough, O cuckoo, did you sing sweetly ? )
Manchiragile, Marayoliyae Thediyathiyo Poorangal
(Did the festivities come in search of the everlasting flame in the earthern lamp ?)

Swasthi Swasthi Su Muhurtham,
(On this auspicious occasion ... )
Sumungali Bhava, Manavatti
(O Bride, may you be blessed with a long wedded life)

Aaromalae... Aaromalae....
(O Beloved....O Beloved....)

Kadalinae, Karayodiniyum Padan Sneham Undo ?
(Does the sea still possess the love to serenade the shore?)
Mezhukuthurikalayi Urukan Iniyum Pranayam Manasil Undo ?
(Do we still have love, enough to melt away like a candle?)

Aaromalae.. Aaromalaeee.. Aaromalaee
(O Beloved....O Beloved...O Beloved.....O Beloved...)
Aaromalae.. Ohh.. Ho ! -
(O Beloved....)


Krishna Kulkarni said...

Okay. I couldn't find the rock version of the song on the link you have given.

Krishna Kulkarni said...

Okay. I couldn't find the rock version of the song on the link you have given.