Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My 5-min GoGreen speech

My friend is in the HR dept at my office. She had wanted to make some Go Green clips to encourage people in our office to participate in the tree planting event. So she came in the afternoon and asked if we would like to help her on the project sometime in the evening. Typical of me... I said yes and again typical of me, I had got lost in work and forgotten about it.
Come evening and my friend pings me to inform that shes coming down to our floor and I realise... oops I forgot. So she comes down with a colleague-turned-camera man and starts rounding up people for the clips. So now I had to come up with something ... and Maatha did... in some 5 minutes... here it is:
Do you believe in the genius in your child?
Do you have faith in his/her talent?
So invest in your child's future.
Plant a tree.
Remember if it there were no apple trees
There would be no apple to bring out the genius in Newton
You never know which tree can do that for your child
Why take the risk? Make an investment for your little one's tomorrow
Plant A TREE


Felt a little nervous... but was fun. Reminded me of college days.

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Pamboo said...

LoL... Good one ... Buddha too got enlightened under Bodhi tree ... Now , it really makes sense the need of the trees then :)) , awesome 5 mins thinking ...