Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Boys deserve life saving surgeries than girls do(!!!)

I had read this article last week:

About how families wouldn't wait too long to have their boys go thru a life saving operation.... That when it comes to girls a lot of things come in the way - What will people say, what will we do about the scar, her 'marketability' as a bride.

I had never thought people would think this way, it never crossed my mind, up till about a month ago. When a very close friend of mine fell ill and needed an operation. No, I did not see this kind of thinking coming from her family, but in fact, it came from one of our friends. (!!!! I know). He said this not once, but twice. The second time was when it was clear that she just had to have the operation immediately and that too a key-hole on the abdomen mostly. That contrast... that despite a clear understanding of the dire need for this operation, the thought still remained his head, " If it was possible it would have been very good if they could avoid this operation and tried some non-invasive way. She is an unmarried girl. Marks might cause a problem." The second time, I lost my mind over the mindlessness of the logic and retorted, "Its mark vs. her life. You just need money and plastic surgery to cover that mark up!". His intent was clearly not to stop the operation, but that thought.. that a woman or her family would have to think twice about what the guy she chooses to live with for the rest of her life has to say or think of a post-operation scar ... a scar she might have needed to be alive to meet him in the future... seems so ... I am not getting the word!

So this line of thought isn't very remote as I would have imagined.

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Pamboo said...

What if the girl meet such operations or any accidents after marriage? Of course we love/marry considering the bodily beauty , but it's not all , true hearts bind with more on other beauties.