Friday, May 21, 2010


Your jacket is still in your cabin. I am left feeling that you will be coming to get it. I still feel like theres chances we meet in the ladies rest room brushin our teeth. I am looking forward to checking those nice, witty gtalk status lines. I am waiting to hear how the last chemo went. You needed more updates on how i am doing with my crazy problem. Theres a lot more movies in my hard disk that we need to exchange. I still have to see birdemic with my friends and tell you how it went. Dont you want to comment on my forwards? We are all waiting to see your hair grow back thicker and better. My rafting experience was just as great as you said it would be. The pictures are out, I'll ping you the links.

Thought i had enough time to understand that you cant do any of these. But im surprised at how long its taking. We weren't friends ... were we?... woudl ppl who ping each other on the communicator and gtalk more often than call, qualify for friends? I think i had called you only thrice. I am caught feeling confused when i tell my friends that I lost a... a friend or a colleague? This has been plaguing me ever since you have been gone. I let my heart out and cried for sometime on that day. And shed a few involuntary tears hear and there everyother time you came into my mind. I didnt cry enough for a friend did I?
So you have gone off on a nice long vacation without telling anyone... oh you are doing some back packing are you? Nice. So how long will you be gone? Donno... hmmm. As long as you enjoy the journey eating a lot of bong sweets along the way how does it matter. Yeah i understand, it will be difficult to update your gtalk and facebook statuses esp when your travelling.
This is what i want to think of your disappearing act.
I am honoured for having knowing a practical wise witty strong compassionate woman whos life-savings was a huge group of friends who stood with her through thick and thin in every literal sense. I wish i could be that good.
May I live with the spirit you had.

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