Sunday, March 21, 2010

Knowledge, no reservations

Of all sources of knowledge...
I think the internet has managed to become more impartial than any God (in any religion) has ever been able to.
The new age Saraswathi, Benzaiten, Athena... you come asking her for anything and she will not disappoint you. You dont have to even wait to pray.
She does not see your gender, political leaning, sexuality, age, plus, true to 'God-style' thinkin, she doesnt even see your intent.
You get what you ask for.
Two fine inventions!

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Living Dead

Today… I am feeling mean. I am feeling this urge to be heartless. I feel the need to be a bitch. I close my eyes and picture myself at a cliff edge, cold air crashes into me but only my hair obeys... I suck in air mercilessly and then scream … is it a scream or a bellow?… a wet warmth streams down as  I empty out my lungs clean. I don't want to fill it… but the life in me doesn't give me a choice and refills before my mind can be firm on its choice. The discomfort of feeling life fill in my lungs, forces my eyes open. I am back infront of my screen. Still  here. Still quite. Still good.
Here is a lovely essay by Judith Strasser, a producer. She wrote this before she died of cancer. Its more powerful to hear her reading it out. 
“Time is precious: it's really all we have”
We are dying with every breath we take.

Friday, March 05, 2010

A Dysfunctional Spelling

It breaks away from the normal rules of negated prefix 'dis'... like in DISlike, DIScomfort, DISobey, etc.

Doesn't it seem to be a pun on the very definition?