Saturday, January 09, 2010

Hmm... so what shall I do today?

This post was planned for the 1st. I was all enthusiastic that day, about writing this post, or rather more determined than enthusiastic. I even thought of singing ABBA’s ‘Happy new year’ and posting it. But for some reason I couldn’t post it on the 1st… neither could I do it on the 2nd or any of the days after it till now. I guess it speaks well about my ‘determination’ and to tell you the truth, as the days went by and I had the time to imagine how I would sound and how it might be if someone would listen … I started feeling a little conscious about the sing-a-song project. Now it seems like a nightmarish task. So, until another day, whereI will be as impulsive or brave, people don’t have to know how I sound.
Hence forth, I will try my best to stop feeling stifled and discontented. These which I list here are not resolutions (Yeah, I still don’t believe in them), these are things that I would like to remind myself to do, if I am in the mood to. Please pardon the ‘self-talk’...
1) Stop being such a stingy miser and get yourself a SLR
2) You enjoyed that horse ride, remember? May be you should consider taking riding classes. Yeah, it’s expensive, but see if you can manage it appropriately.
3) PMP/PG. Babe, don’t you yearn to get out of this rut? Then do something about it.
4) Voice-over. Make demos and see where it goes.
5) It’s may be time for another travel? Somewhere nearby or Andamans, Sri Lanka, Machu Picchu, Cambodia, New Zealand…
6) How about learning some dance form? Odissi has been a plan for too long. Salsa/jive?
7) Work out? Walk?
8) How about making a short-movie or take up some short movie classes?
9) ... will add on as I get ideas...


Libu Mamachan said...

hahah I guess you are having a good bank balance.. except 4 and 7 you need some good amount of georgekuttys

Neets said...

Yeah... I cant do all of these... but the idea is to do as much as i can retaining as much of georgies as i can. kashtam... but i need to try. This list is aiming for the stars, but i hope i get to do atleast one of these. hey libu, what do you do in your spare time man?

murali said...

5 & 6 def fun.. good luck with that..

whats 3 ?

Libu Mamachan said...

Hehehe have fun!
Spare time,,, tried everything under sky :D latest time pass ipo invite ayakam.. chirikaruthu :)

Neets said...

@Murali: Its a certification man or want to do a post-grad.

@Libu: Ipporum full details reveal chethittilya tto... fill me in on a mail.