Thursday, November 26, 2009

A drizzle of goodness

I am sure you have experianced this somewhere sometime in your life... you could be sitting or standing somewhere and suddenly, almost out of no where, you feel a very very tiny droplet of water on your skin. It brings a lil surprise coupled with a smile ... atleast for me.

Just like that, today, the person in me, who had almost lost faith in the existance of something called goodwill, received a sign.

Today morning, I had a person from my automobile service center, come and get my car. So, I had to rely on my least favourite mode of transport - the autorikshaw. I have nothing against the vehicle, in fact I love it and hope that someone would have the guts to remodel the thing and turn it into a commercial vehicle. It's its drivers that get to me.

My home is about 10 km from my office and on days with traffic - it takes me in my car, max 40-45 mins to get to work, else it just takes me 20 min. Now, guess my surprise when the first few autos drivers I had stopped, tell me that they would charge me extra. And for what?!! Listen to this s*&! : "Madam, theres too much of traffic." Well if your thing runs on wheels it doesnt have a choice but to navigate through traffic. What were they expecting empty roads or they better get thier autos to fly - Now I am sure there isnt much traffic up there. As it is, on earth most of them can simulate a drive to hell, and if they were to fly, well I guess, it would guarantee that you get off safely at destination - HELL.

Then I boarded an auto that didn't make any such demand (Hmmm ... thats weird). I told him where I needed to go - just the area and not the specifics. The driver took me through familiar roads but not my regular route. Finally I reached at my office. The meter showed Rs.96. He asked me 'Madam, I did not have a clear picture of where you had to get off exactly. The route I took you thru was longer. Usually how much does it take you to get here?'. I paid him a 100. I told him Rs.75-80. He checks all over for change and then hands me over Rs.15. I told him that he needed to give me Rs.4 and he went on to explain that he took me on a longer route when I could have saved my money. I was happy, humbled, shocked, moved... all at the same time. I gave him back the tenner. Just so that I dont forget who he was - a curly haired, round faced man by the name of Ambrose from some JJR or JJP Layout or something.

Now, that must be a shock to all those of us (esp Bangaloreans) who have to grapple with autodrivers over longer routes, tampered meters, unresonable charges, rides denied for all kinds of reasons. How many 'Ambroses' do you think might be out there? Or does it matter? Is it just enough knowing that there is one, as of now, and there just might be more somewhere?

I felt happy for the reason that he respected my money just as he would his. I was carrying a laptop, clearly looking like someone who earned more than him. But thankfully he did not think that my Rs.96 was any cheaper or valuable than Rs.96 that lies in his pockets.

I have had another nice experiance once before... but Imight share that someday later.

So, dont lose faith over human nature. Its human nature to go against the definition of 'nature'... its in us humans to constantly bring up surprises.
NOTE: The picture is a cartoon drawn by the author of this blog I loved the image so much, I just had to use it.


murali said...

Though unlike the author i do love the rides on these 3 wheelers, I have my bad share once a while in my city which is known for auto rickshaw driver's honesty.
Its the good men that keep the good faith running.a recent one was a year back where the auto rickshaw driver searched his bag to give back 25paisa.
:) its true one such person is enough to stop you stereotyping an entire section of people.

shiva said...

It is an odd. The same guy might behave dishonestly on the other counts. I feel, it is by chance/day/his equivalent realization. Recently 99% drivers annoyed me in a single day by refusal to reach certain areas. I could hear a old lady cry "Public should hit these guys". I dared to ask agreed, why heck man you guys do like this? his truth was " Gothial sir, nanu elli bekadru barthini"!!! In our country, drivers are expressing the freedom, if they wish only, all kinds of honesty, moral values can be seen (to lucky ones!) I could only recall, it is just like a proverb " Maare noodi maala Haaku".