Monday, November 30, 2009

Documentary on Mumbai's 26th Nov Attack

Here is a very good documentary that chronologically, pieces up the events that took place those two days. Made by a filmmaker, Dan Reed, for Channel 4 in UK.
Watching it you realise, how gullible people, can be exploited to make ruthless killers . You will notice as you go through the documentary that these terrorists are after all, young boys who get charmed by the lush interiors of the hotel. Something as simple as a computer monitor rivets them and at that moment they sound like a school kid who has set his eyes on an xbox for the first time. These 20-something guys are so caught up with their bosses that they need to right down 'filmy' dialogues that their bosses have ordered them to tell the media. You get to understand that these 'commanders' who are shouting out orders at these guys, are prepared to patiently sweet talk or else breath down their necks to ensure that the work is done.

On my last 3-4 visits to Lifestyle shopping mall, i noticed that the rigourous hand bag checks that were there, now has gone cold. Last month I visited Garuda mall and the lady there just took a peep into my bag and let me in. I told her to take a good look, in turn she checked my bag to somewhat satisfy me. She must be too sure that this mall isnt the kind of place that will suit the tastes of a terrorist. Poor thing, she is waiting for one such event to happen perhaps. And for those of us who do go through the entrance without having to be checked are all the more glad that we dont have to waste 2 mins wasting at the entrance.

This is the thing with us Indians. Misery, tragedy is a part of our lives. It does not get us paranoid, though it does temporarily scare us. And in due course of time, our fear fades away. We as citizens, are very laid back about everything thats not right - beauraucracy, population, littering, reservation, terrorism, etc. We can go on and on about it, but dont ask us to do anything about it. Though i am glad that we are not a paranoid nation, I now wonder, whether we were better off being one. Atleast that way we would have done something substancial before another attack. Oh! maybe thats what our terrorist-hosting neighbours are doing... they are trying to wake us up. But despite the best of their efforts, we fail to keep our eyes open for too long.

How many bomb blasts has India suffered in the last 20 years? We holdout candles for the 26th Nov. If we were to take into consideration all those blasts... I think there wouldnt be a day in the year where we wouldnt hold memorial services. India would have to import candles to meet the demand.

JAI HIND ! Its not the exaggerated exclamation of patiotism that we need here. Its a simple dot, a full stop to what stands in the way of our improvement.

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