Tuesday, March 11, 2008

God - the pacifier

God is a pacifier. A pacifier that was handed down to me through my parents. In fact, every family has a pacifier of their own.

Some of us get hooked to it and suck at all times. And since its always stuck in the mouth, we just cant see it completely, plus, the part that’s visible seems larger than it actually is because it so close to our eyes.

Some of us wear it around our necks, never knowing when we might need it. and use it when we need some pacification. Once its served its purpose, it goes back to where it belongs- dangling around our necks.

Some of us see no need for pacification because the need for it seems somewhat shameful – a thing of the past, a lie we have been taught to rely on when the real comfort should be found within us. We throw away that pacifier and look down upon it and perhaps look down upon those who might still rely on it.

Some of us find our pacifier not being good at its job. So we throw away the old one and set out to find another one- another model or perhaps, another brand. Keep searching for that which might finally pacify us.

My pacifier finds a special place in my drawer. It shares space with all those lil momentos that mark some importance in my life. It lies there,as a reminder of the times it helped me become a better person, as a reminder of the time I felt, 'I dont need it'. I have not lost my appreciation for what it has done for me. Today I am able to appreciate the whole pacifier business - different brands, different models, their features and the promises of what their product can do. Now, it will lie there till its my turn to give it to my kids. I will sit back and watch they would do with theirs.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Essay writing

Who thought I would ever get to do another essay composition after my school days. My pre- University days were the last time I had language classes. I was more than just happy when I heard my office was conducting communication classes for everyone. Today, after all these years I got to write one. We were told to use the following 10 words how many ever times we wanted, in which ever order we wanted in our composition : 1) Laptop 2)Nano 3)Dolphin 4)Hotel 5)Pirate 6)Turtle 7)Prince 8) Mountain 9)Clouds 10) Oranges
Here is what I wrote:

I love cloudy days, like this one. I had been working on the book all night- staring into my laptop, tapping away. I had never experianced an urge so strong like the one last night, so powerful, that I finished what I had set out to do. I thought, my system would crave for a nap at dawn, but, I surprise myself- I dont feel tired. I guess the contentment is keeping me awake.
My grumbling stomach demands some much deserved attention. I reach out for the bag of oranges on the table, behind me. As though to break the monotonous morning silence, the bag rips launching the oranges to the wooden floor- thud.thud...thud. There were only 3 left from my orange-dinner yesterday.I bend under my table to see if it wakes Prince. It does- he peeps out opening his eyes slowly. Prince, my pet turtle, wasted no time in getting back to doing what he loves best, resting on his royal bed made up of cabbage leaves in a two-day old pizza box.
I pick the oranges and make my way to the balcony. I sit there, on the floor with the salty air rushing to me, feeling like I own the place. I conveniently forget that I need to pay the Nano Park Hotel tomorrow for this luxury. I hope I had enough to buy this place!! How else could I feel? Looking at this rolling sea, fishing trollers bobbing up and down on the blue sea and dolphins dancing in the distance. Turn a lil to the left and majestic mountains stand tall, towering over the clouds. I am lost in all this beauty. Suddenly mind shifts to the thought of dark,cold and mysterious pirates. I picture my publisher, with an eye-patch and a pirate hat, having a hook for a hand and a peg for a leg. Gaawd! that reminds me I need get back to finishing that book.

It felt so good to be doing it after so long. May be you should try it too ... just for the kick!