Saturday, August 04, 2007


I got there.
I had it with me
Eversince I can remember.
It was never mine.
I came hoping to rid of it
Not knowing how
Dont know where it is
But I do know its there
A look into the reflection
Desperate for a clue
Where do I start diggin in me?
But the water is running
Desperation welcomes defeat
Eyes cloud
I am humbled
Two trickles add to the ripple
I learn
It is me
The water is running
I succumb
I am free
I am gone

Wrote this just now. 10:47pm, 4th Aug 07

1 comment:

Waves said...

Nicely written....But with a little more effort could have been more vivid..

Ok...Ok...Jokes apart....I didnt understand the meaning, May be you can make me understand with a little explanation.

BTW I am the preson who wrote the piece with Forrest Gump.