Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sketchbook Inaugerated

I bought a sketch book day before yesterday. Some 6-7 months ago my orthodontist had given me a set of Faber Castel pencils. He had bought it, in the hope that he would find some time between his practice to sketch. But he couldnt. Then he happened to see the sketch I had put up on this blog a long time ago (remember?). Little did he know that I too dont make the time to pursue my interests. The time it took me to use these pencils proves how proactive i am. But ok, let me not complain too much- atleast i got my self to use that sketch book and the pencils. I felt it didnt turn out as i had wanted it to- was finding it difficult to add texture to the skin and clothe, but with my Mom, brother and friends expressing shock at the pic and asking me 'You did THAT?!', i am assuming that it is good. So, I will give my self one pat. This encourages me to do more. And do more i will do...
I would like to thank all those people who have helped me by either praising or telling me ways how how to better this pic. Special thanks to my orthodontist for gifting me that pencil set, apart from taking care of my teeth and i hope he will stop by a stationary shop, buy another set of pencils and a sketch book and ask his daughter to pose for him or try drawing his pet fishes!
By the way, there is nothing deep about the sketch. My sketchbook was resting on my lap and I needed an object which I shouldnt have trouble observing- so the lap that served as support for my sketch, became my subject. That is my own foot - so you want a photograph to confirm it? ;P

Saturday, August 04, 2007


I got there.
I had it with me
Eversince I can remember.
It was never mine.
I came hoping to rid of it
Not knowing how
Dont know where it is
But I do know its there
A look into the reflection
Desperate for a clue
Where do I start diggin in me?
But the water is running
Desperation welcomes defeat
Eyes cloud
I am humbled
Two trickles add to the ripple
I learn
It is me
The water is running
I succumb
I am free
I am gone

Wrote this just now. 10:47pm, 4th Aug 07