Sunday, July 29, 2007

Not much has happened

Its been real long since i had been here. The whole place is covered with dust. I can assure you that you havent missed out much. There hasnt been nothing to write about. Yes there had been those occassional pangs to write but ...
I bought my first car:
My Wagon
A Wagon R Vxi. Its doing good so far.
There is one coincidence i'd like to mention here... The first toy-peddel car I drove around was Red. The first car I learned to drive was a red maruthi 800. And incidentally the first car i have bought is red too - only by chance. I was told that this was the car that was readily available in the yard and if i needed any other colour i would have to wait max a month. So i settled for what was available. Otherwise i would have loved to buy some other colour. But, there you go, i have yet another red car. I hope to take it out for a long drive. I have had some plans, lets see how much of it will materialise.
I have some wacko wishes thats been on my mind since some time, thought i will pen them down :
wish i could assist the camera man/woman of show. I think it is one of the most aesthetically done car shows i have ever seen.
wish to design homes
wish to get an SLR
wish to learn kick boxing
wish to get back to learning barathnatyam, or may be some other form of dance
wish to learn drums
wish to make and fly a kite (Join me if you will - provided you are in bangalore too, leave me a comment)
wish to learn a few magic tricks
wish to write a book
wish to make a movie
Just felt like putting this down for no reason. May be i am trying to make these visible. Perhaps, its not doin any good lying in my head.
So tell me how have you been?


Granny said...

Hope you're enjoying the car.

We're doing okay over here.

That's some wish list you have. Good luck with acheiving it.


Vämp!rë said...

congrats for ur new car :)

Thejesh GN said...

Congrats. WagonR is a lovely car.

Anonymous said...

Red (well maruti suzuki would have definitely given it a zanier name)is reeking of personality vane vxi is conforming it.....keep it up that is the confidence you keep in yourself and the zest to achieve it.....bang the car up as they say for good luck....cheers

Anonymous said...
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