Sunday, March 04, 2007

I hide

I hide
  now and then,
behind my face
infront of you.

I hide
  here and there,
behind open doors
in a stiffled mind

I hide
behind all the loudness
in effervescence

I hide
I know
  I have no where else to go.
There is no where else to hide
  But in here.

- 11:32 am 4th Mar 07

I just scibbled this out today morning in a paper, just a couple of min ago. I am not a poet by any standard, but there are these rare impulses i get to write something- which comes like- once in a couple of years.
The good thing here is that i have written this almost a year after i wrote that english-urdu poem. May be its a good sign.
The origninal name was 'My hideout'.
I have to thank all those people who have been paying me visits over here... Ann, Jes, Doc, Kim, Kondur, Vampy, Michelle, Siri... I have not been online for a long time now. And it been real long since i have done any blog hpping at all. The first i have visited in months was , Kondur's , and that too two days ago, just cos he left the country and wanted to know how he was doing.
I am gonna change that. I will find more time for what i love. I will come home.


Anvilcloud said...

Seems like you had a very reflective morning.

Sach said...

loveley poem sis.. really nice..

stellar said...

hey nice one neets...wondering where have you gone?? cr