Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Beam me up, Mom. Energise.

Today too i left for home from office at 9:00pm. And as i rose from my seat to go home... my forever wandering mind thought of the 'transporter' aboard the Star Ship Enterprise, the phrase 'beam me up', etc. I guess, i hoped that would have been my mode of transport home! Then i remember watchin on discovery that there was a team some where who were able to achieve this with simple atoms. I came to realise, how much this fictional technology appealed to me... the snazzy vehicals in sci-fi movies didnt seem raise a thougth in my head.. but the
'transporter' did.I came back home and as i had some work to do on my computer, i thought i might indulge in my fav hobby- googling. And here are some links that might interest
you... it explains Teleportaion.
Teleportaion Breakthrough
How it will work
Can you imagine a regular house-hold conversation if this is ever possible? here is what i thougth up:
me:mom, beam me up.
(waiting. now doubtful) mom? mo-m?! r u there?
(Now demanding) i am ready!will you beam me home maaaa!
mom: can you learn to wait girl? WHAT all should i have to do at the same time?!!! cook, set the table,... I will HAVE to do everything...
me: OK! then ask someone else to do it! Whats Dad upto?!!!
(mumblin) Comforts of technology! my foot! had i left on one of those 2 wheeled things, i would have been home.
(back to talkin) maaaa, you need to be there till i get there in transportation room. I dont want to see 2 'me's like the other time. you know how much it cost us to get that resolved!

hey this is fun... you can add a few lines to this. Lets see if we can come up with a good story!


manish said...

teleportation eh??

never took it seriously to be honest.i have always believed that teleportation is the process of creating some kind of advanced hologram while "deleting" the mother copy if you will.then again i could be wrong..who me???:)

intersating house hold conversation..whether i would let my mom teleport me from office is a different matter though..for all i know i could land up in uganda such is the care with which my ma uses "gadgets" (for the lack of a better term)...nice start passer by's add on plz.....

Cherie! said...

I believe it is possible. Meanwhile have a Happy New Year!

Siri said...

mom : what do u think i am a fool? u ungrateful girl. And you father is always in front of the tv pinging his friends to teleport him to every cricket match that he sees. I am telling you I will get my brother to teleport me to his house. *mumbles some more*
me : maa maa MAAA listen to me maa. I was just asking. Dont get all wild with me. Ok I will wait till the sambhar is well boiled and you can get your hands free to press the buttons.

Neets said...

:D oh Siriiii! I loved this :)

Rags said...

guess what i was recently trying to learn quantum mechanics (althou i most of that stuff is overwhelming) and i did read/learn about teleportation and how an atom was reproduced 10 km away!
guess what we have a teleporter in our office here in pune (