Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Beam me up, Mom. Energise.

Today too i left for home from office at 9:00pm. And as i rose from my seat to go home... my forever wandering mind thought of the 'transporter' aboard the Star Ship Enterprise, the phrase 'beam me up', etc. I guess, i hoped that would have been my mode of transport home! Then i remember watchin on discovery that there was a team some where who were able to achieve this with simple atoms. I came to realise, how much this fictional technology appealed to me... the snazzy vehicals in sci-fi movies didnt seem raise a thougth in my head.. but the
'transporter' did.I came back home and as i had some work to do on my computer, i thought i might indulge in my fav hobby- googling. And here are some links that might interest
you... it explains Teleportaion.
Teleportaion Breakthrough
How it will work
Can you imagine a regular house-hold conversation if this is ever possible? here is what i thougth up:
me:mom, beam me up.
(waiting. now doubtful) mom? mo-m?! r u there?
(Now demanding) i am ready!will you beam me home maaaa!
mom: can you learn to wait girl? WHAT all should i have to do at the same time?!!! cook, set the table,... I will HAVE to do everything...
me: OK! then ask someone else to do it! Whats Dad upto?!!!
(mumblin) Comforts of technology! my foot! had i left on one of those 2 wheeled things, i would have been home.
(back to talkin) maaaa, you need to be there till i get there in transportation room. I dont want to see 2 'me's like the other time. you know how much it cost us to get that resolved!

hey this is fun... you can add a few lines to this. Lets see if we can come up with a good story!