Friday, August 25, 2006

Quote Moi

"Being too perfect is in itself an imperfection."- Neets

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Sketch - I am feeling good about

A marinated chicken is the worst comparision I can make... but the prelude to how I got to draw this pic is something close to it.
I had this picture in my mind since a little more than a year( !! yes- >1yr). There are quirky moments where I get ideas out of the blue- to be able to put the scene in prespective... you can simply imagine me getting zapped by lightning on a warm sunny day(ridiculously impossible but ...). A particular corner of my mind is littered with some such pictures, pieces of rhyming lines and other ideas. I hadnt taken the courage to draw them cos I thought I could never draw them well.
Last Friday, I wasnt feeling well, so I decided to come home early from work and rest. I had planned on watchin an Italian movie in the evening with a couple of my friends but the lousy tummy ache foiled my plans. All disappointed and angry at how this ache screwed my evening and my attempts at taking a nap... I felt the urge to draw... and that toooo- this pic thats been lying around in the dusty attic of my intellectual abode. The time had arrived... it was time to bring it out to the material realm. (Thats a lil tooo much of language ... but let me show off a little bit here :D )
May be it was the stomach ache triggering some thing in my head... instead of tellin me to run for a tablet that would relieve me off this pain(I avoid tablets as much as possible), it was telling me to DRAW?!!! - this definitly indicates a wiring problem in my head.
My sketching skills have a tiny problem- I can do a pretty good job of everything but the face. I always have found drawing the face reaaaal difficult. But that evening , something swept over me and pushed me to just do it. And guess what? It turned out not too bad. I liked it. What do you think?