Sunday, July 16, 2006

What could I be…

The Karmic cycle is one of my fav concepts… it tries real hard at explaining every aspect that bogs us down in our mortal journey. Its something I don’t believe but would love to believe. To me all that I know is – if I am burnt then I turn to useless ash, if I am buried- then I rot – it would make more sense in doing that, if we could make good use of the rotting process, by growing something over me. That, figuratively, if not literally- is in some way- rebirth.
My idle mind today was in the mood to wander and ponder … may be trying to keep up with the intellectual big shots who visit my blog. How shallow?!!! :P
The theory of Karma, talks of rebirth – you can be reborn to be any other living thing- paramecium, jelly fish, hippo, crow, roach, lizard, upgraded-gorilla etc depending on what karma you carry in your goody bag. All these forms have a life to live out- a life in this big mean world where survival is the game you have to play. But lets go nuts like me, for a moment… what if the Karmic concept would let us take birth as non-living thing? Is there any non-living form that escapes the chance of being abused in the hand of time and ‘life’? Eraser, water, finger-nails, light, monitor, clutch plate, knife, water-purifier… everything is trying to out-live itself despite all the odds it faces. The only difference is that its odds of survival lies in our hands- how we make, design, use them. We steer our own lives and the lives of the ones who don’t have a life of their own. So in more than one way, a product you use or make talks a lot about you- they speak volumes. You give a good life to the non-living around you- it reflects on you. You design something to last longer and something that doesn’t demand its user to repent not being born to Einstein to use it… you have earned your karma- by giving that thing a chance to ‘live’ a better, longer life. But the non-living thing doesnt gather karma! My Karma Theory v 2- what a bummer!!
There is a lioness somewhere in Africa who has got many scientists scratching their heads- they say she is the weirdest example of adoption in Nature, cos she has adopted what she should have had for a nice meal- yes, she has adopted a oryx(related to gazelle). Its quite a sight watchin her nursing her little one. For a moment I wondered whether she was aware of the kind of global attention she is getting for free- glamour can be addictive, we know(if Tom could get to do the monkey-jump on Opera and earn months of mention in newspapers and magazines the world over- why cant she?!). Or was she interested in a homo-sapien-meal … being the weirdo she is, she could get a lot of juicy scientists closer. Or was she trying to gather karma by not washing down this one gazelle? Or is there a bollywood styled explination to this- she is possessed by the ‘aathma’ of the gazelles real mother (producers interested in making the touching movie- get in touch with me- the story is mine)! Or a lil more realistic- does she have a personality disorder? On a serious note- this was a full grown lioness, someone who chose to break away from her pride (herd), who chose to live in isolation to mother a gazelle. What was weird is that she shared the nurturing repsonsibilities with the real mother. It is the only example of adoption that is awe-inspiring. It was not a force of habit, but why?! I thought its humans who can make out-of the way choices since human-nature is so unpredictable and non-standardised(Now, you know the guy who made 6-zigma was smarter than God). But she has proved me wrong. I like to believe that she made a choice- something beyond my comprehension and leave it at that- sometimes somethings are a lot more beautiful when you least understand it.
I started with something…ended up saying something else. Feel like a kitten playing with a ball of wool. I am lost- can someone get me out of this mess? (you pull me through all this crap and now you want me to GET you out?!!!) OK, smart-aleck! I will find MY OWN WAY OUT!