Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Would you want Cecilia back?

I have been listening to the song, ‘Cecilia’, by Simon and Garfunkle. It’s a song I heard in my PUC years, its brings a lot of good memories back- of the days the F’ing 7 rocked and ruled. We still do rock girls, but only better with time - like Wine.
The song is pretty funny, but after listening… I was wondering… would anyone want Cecilia back? Would you want Cecilia back if she cheated on you and would you be just as happy as the song says when shes back? I don’t think I would.


Prmod Bafna said...

Hey nice to see you back!!! Work keepin you busy?!
I wouldn't either, but i'm sure that my cecilia wouldn't even cheat on me in the first place ;) heh!!


I cant say tht....But I dont think I would want tht person again..Reminds me, I had a supervisor called Cecilia n I would keep singing her this sng n she would blush n blush!! :)

scorpio queen said...

Hey Nita Baby,
That song definitely is not for the realistic world of mature n staid adults,more like the days of the F'ing 7 where everything was a huge party,right from flunking a math paper to sitting in the gutter to eat lunch.
Sigh! Those were the days,n so if you want the F'ing 7 point of view,i'd say"Fuck Cecelia,there are a lot fish in the sea".

Neets said...
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Neets said...

hey guys i will be droppin my your virtual homes soon. let me get this work off my back. :)

promod- Yeah, man works keepin me busy.Man i have been wanting to change the look on my blog... not been able to sit to do it. and about cecilia-may your faith save you. and by the way... is there a cecilia arooound? :D

scribblez- yeah... dont think that cecilia is worth having back. Completely agree! hows life been scribz?

ScorpQueen- remember that nerdy Cecilia in Bangalore Academy. Remember when we would sit bored in some class in the back, and sing the song :))) boy were we semi-boys back then :)))

Granny said...

No, I wouldn't want her back but I sure do like that song.

Hi Neets from one S&G fan to another.


Vasu the terrible said...

ha cecilia ? As ghalib would say, "Thu nahi tho aur sai, aur nahi tho aur sahi.."

I hope I got it right.


Neets said...

Hi grannnnny,
how are you, the kids and the cat doing? is it getting cold or hot there? Nice to see you.

Vasu-> niiice policy!

kimananda said...

Would I want her back? Nope, but that Paul Simon, he clearly had it bad for the chick. She must have been quite something.

Arz000n said...

Neva....I dont think I will eva want Cecilia back in ma life

Vämp!rë said...

yeah i wanna Cecilia back...if ur love is true...u dont even care wat she/he feels bout u:)

Neets said...

kim- you bet! must have been maaaad with a capital M
Arzoon- agree, man!
Vampy- in a certain circumstance may be i would. but if its just loose character. i think it matters to me... esp when i like ppl for who they are. But may be true love would be blind to all that. may be. but you sure have a lucky woman by your side :)

Known Stranger said...

oh an oxymoron person with a site



i am an oxymoron.

uday said...

It takes a lotta strength to forgive. To gather enough to condone the quandaries of the one that hurt me though?...
hmmm...gotta think!

PythoRoshan said...

personally i would forgive. bt there better not be a next time..or else there'll be hell to pay!!!

Arz000n said...

Is Cecilia back or the search is still on??


Vasu the terrible said...


same q.. are u still looking for cecilia ?


Rose said...

Hmmm.. i gues love IS blind.. atleast in ridiculously romantic songs..