Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Where was I...

So... where was I... WHERE WAS I ?!!!*frantic*
It happened on... God, I dont remember!!!!*frantic again* but they came ...I met so many of them, they wanted me to be one of them .... they took me there... The Gia...
This will shatter all the beliefs instilled in us by modern science- its not Venus that shines so bright in the night- its... its The Giant Disco Ball!! Think about it- how can Venus shine?!!- it has nothin shiny on it- does it?!!! And you thought people back on earth didnt know this?! Oooooh... yes they do. And America is behind it.
Rest of the story: They cut me open- I didnt bleed! They switched my brain with my kidney- I survived!!! For the matter of speaking,my stomach were in knots(vitual pain), but that wasnt enough, they tied them into reaaaaaal knots. It stopped hurtin! They dont eat, they only drink some green goo that shines flourocent pink in the dark and reads out the headlines for the hour- IntelliGoo is what they call it. By the end of the ordeal, I was drinkin thru my ears!!! There, they wax their heads!!! I begged them to spare me, it cost me quite a bit on Earth to get it to this stage, instead they could wax my hands and legs- they showed some mercy. They said, I could fly if I would glue their holy shimmering dust to my toe nails... did you know that fevicol had its biggest market there?!!! You wont believe this... the soul of their technical advancement is FEVICOL!! Their space ships are held together by it. Now you know where the export quality fevicol goes!!! I took off but didnt stay afloat for too long, they said I need to tweek my cochlea and signed me up for classes.
The instructor said his class was booked for 10 donkey's years to come. And thank God, they didnt have places to put me up temporatily . The council decided to send me on an assignment to Earth to check how I would fare here with my memory intact- They knew anyway none of you would believe me. But you will, wont you?! Believe me pleeeease! someone... anyone.... this is not 'another' abduction story.

Just in case some of you are dreaming of making millions makin a show on me... allow me to burst the bubble.... on a serious note ... I have changed my employer. Yesterday was my last day at my first job. Will write about it in the next post. I missed the bloggin world the most in this one month. How have you all been doing? whats up? Update me.