Saturday, March 04, 2006


Been tagged twice. Here are the lists:

Dream partner's traits List (hopefully these traits exist in me too ) tagged by RoadBlogger:
1)A friend, someone I am at ease with. Where I dont have to put up being someone I am not.
2)loves me for the nut I am, and can do that job for a life time.
3)someone who will be there by me for all my endevours, just as i would be, for him .
4)grow to love, understand and respect eachother. acknowledge eachother.
5)someone who will cook and wash the dishes with me, and while we are at it bray a few numbers or discuss news :P
6)someone who believes that each day has all the time you want, to do what you want - paint, sing, dance, go on a trip... all it needs is plannin and the want to do it. i dont have this quality right now, but i am trying to develop it.
7)someone who will be honest and mature enought make a clean breast of any issue that bothers him before the day ends.
8) marriage is a team work and for it to work well, both people should be sensitive to eachother's needs and concerns. just like that, love too needs constant working on it.
9)listening, just lending a ear is a key skill needed in any marriage. someone who is willin to hear you out, when thats just what you need more than anything else.
10)we should be able to enjoy a few common things. in a busy life, its when you can enjoy common things that you can connect.
11) values commitment. and should be able to give eachother our own breathing space. and stands by his beliefs and lemme stand by my own.
i think that kinda covers it.

Here are the people I am gonna tag. so start listing out the qualities you'd like to see in your perfect Lover :
6)Enemy of Republic

Hate List tagged by Enemy of the Republic:
1) Hypocrites- no explination needed. They are the superstars in anybody's hate list!
2) Fakers- agreed that u need some amt of acting to survive. But could never understand and like people who are actors from the time they get off their beds till they are back in them. Chameleons.
3) People who want to be heard more than hear others. These are the wrong people to go to when all you want is a willing ear.
4) Dictators
5) Prejudists, judgmental people who think they 'know' the person without giving a chance. Amateur psychics
6) Back stabbing- these are mostly people who come under category 2-Fakers but are pretty well equipped to give you a fatal blow out of the blue.
7) Picturisation of item numbers and movies that are like a 3hr long item number- it makes me wonder, has the censor board been desensitized with all the skin show? They censor and make a ruckus for all the weirdest things and when they need to pay attention and do something… they are paying attention and doing something –DROOLING.
8) People who cant smile- esp Govt. and bank employees. People who’s sloppy muscles can't manage to pull up their sleeves and conjure a smile.
9) Compulsive flirts.
10) Aishwarya is a very graceful woman but i hate all the hype that surrounds here.
11) hate seeing people litter the roads."paper is bio-degradable anyway!".- yeah, so lets dump it in your neighbourhood. it will be one hellufa sight.
12) Hurt my brother- then you're in the hate list too.

here is the other taglist. List out all that you hate... keep it commin:
1)Me too

Recently I had done the Myer-Brigg's Test after about 2 years. Test tells you what your personality is at that point in time by classifying a person's preferences on a bi polar scales:(1) extraversion/introversion, (2) sensate/intuitive, (3) thinking/feeling, and (4) judging/perceiving. A combination of these scales result in 16 personality profiles. Here is what the test had to say about me, this time : i am ENFP type (Extraverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving).
Description 1
Description 2
Ucan go ahead and have some fun doing the test here


kuttichuvaru said...

hmm.... at a time, I hav been tagged by 2 ppl.... will do it soon...

Prmod Bafna said...

tee hee!! nice hate list! as for the tag i've already done it. Thanks anyway :)

Rohit Talwar said...

I like the Hate List!

archie said...

thnx for droppin by my blog.

nice points abt ur dream partner . n yea the hate list is cool.

Known Stranger said...

whose khadal. appadina.. ? hey.. neets read my other scribbling. khadal kathrikaai... actually no gal is sweeping me down my feet heiheiehei... just joking. yet to find the pleasent breeze in my life. I love to pen somehting that speaks the pain of love

Granny said...

Just checking in to say hi and how are you.

Vasu the terrible said...

you are ??? I am ENFP tooo ???

but that was 5 years back when i got myself tested in nicholas piramal corporate training thing... mayers briggs is one of those few things which actually came close to my personality...


Ajay said...

tagg Virus still exesting... hiiuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

stellar said...

hey neets,
i hope all ur wishes come true..and i'll pray for tht..thanks for all the appreciations..

The Talkative Man said...

thanks for the comment. what was it you wanted to talk about?

Siri said...

done with the tag. drop by girlie

Rusty said...

where do i list it down neeta...
here ??