Saturday, January 28, 2006

In the love of God.

Bangalore is my home. This is where I have my family and friends. This is where I studied. This is where I work. This is where I grew. I am pissed with a lot of things in life and with the way things move here... so,will I blow up or hurt people ? Cant even think of doing something like that!!!
But I personally know a lot of people who would have the same thing to say about bangalore and still be able to say ,"All fair in jihad". Bangalore has been my home for just close to a decade, and these are people who were born here.
My genial demeanor at college and a mouth with an under-developed filter system would promptly pop questions to people(were and still are my friends) who would support Bin Laden, as though i was a reporter who lost her way into an engineering college. It was only an attempt at trying to understand their point of view. Why would people think it was ok to kill others ? In the name of what? Were they feeling left out or something? And the grand finale would arrive with the no-answers-question: "Are you saying that, its ok with you if these guys came and bombed some place near your home or our college? that you would completely understand, their cause and deal with your loss ?". In the end, I felt that even these people wouldnt have thought all too far them selves, they are just emotionally charged, and nothing more- given a chance, I dont think these people could think of anything that could harm the people around them.
But now, since the 28th Dec shoot out at IISc, I am afraid that I'd have to rethink on my opinion, that people couldnt bring any harm to the people they lived with, laughed with, cried with... cos the 2 people caught were both Indians and Key people in LeT's operations in South India- one from Karnataka and the other from Andhra Pradesh. Its the first incident of terrorist activity in Bangalore. We bangaloreans have always thanked our stars that bangalore has always had good tolerance for communal problems. But with this shoot out... its become evident that bangalore will be the focus of terrorist operations. Our lives from now on will change for ever, and the people responsible might (only MIGHT) be someone we know, or someone we might pass by on the road or even worse- someone you hug and wish on Id and wash down delicious biryani and kababs with. This doesnt mean i distrust the people around me but in the back of my mind, there will be a tiny voice that whispers this fear everytime another such incident happens in bangalore- my home.
How can people ever think of standing by somethin so atrocious ? In their homeland? HOW?HOW?HOW?!!! What could make them think like this? Why are these people hell-bent on tarnishing their own image? Islam preaches tolerance. Then why this intolerance, and towards what? this is not just the case with India ... why are they against the whole wide worlds... which part of this world isnt singed by their mindless hatred? Fundamentally what all religions preach are all the same- dont kill, dont steal, dont lie, dont cheat... the path to riteousness. How will Allah, the most Graceous, the most Merciful forgive these blind people for breaching all these basic values in His name?
Man- black, brown, white, super-white, yellow, purple or what ever.... arab, african, finnish, american, afghani, pakistani, scandinavian, indian, british, french, croatian, somalian, japanese... all have basic needs... food, water, shelter, clothing- without which none of these people can survive. its only if people can survive that they can fight for secondary needs- rights and freedom. For which of these reasons are the jihadis fighting the whole world for? Causing such unecessary pain to people who have nothing to do with them? Do they have a clue as to how much their actions impact the lives of innocent muslim brothers who live in the countries they attack? how I wish these emotionally charged men and women could declare jehad(meaning: striving or determined effort) upon them selves and put some thought into what they are doing and for what? how I hope they could see the ulterior motives of the people who key the dolls of destruction?
India is a nation that looses thousands and thousands of people every single year to terrorism more frequently than many of the western nations. So, shall we just order our soldiers to go and bomb the concerned nations and occupy them- i know they would be more than willin to do it, at least their families can have some peace of mind then- a mother wouldnt have to experiance the agony of waiting for her son, a wife wouldnt have TO train her self everyday to deal with a possible news that her husband was tortured and killed? If we did then how different would we be from the jihadis? we would live upto the cliche "Fighting for peace". Leaving innocent people of another nation in more misery and agony.
India's problem now is that these organisations are using Indians against India. There itself,it indirectly points to the fact that people take their freedom for granted and fall prey to jehadi-brain-wash specialists just cos they cant appreciate the freedom they have every right to. This applies to fundamentalist of any community... Hindu, Christian, Sikh, etc.
But why this lack of appreciation for freedom? Cos we are blissfully oblivious to the fact of how many men and women and their families are making compromises day-in & day-out to protect this freedom.
What i am going to tell you now is someting thats been on my mind since years. And i want your views on the topic...
I think compulsory participation in the army should be expected from the people of the nation... could be for a short while 2/3/4/5 years , but it shouldnt be voluntary but compulsory- i feel its only then that people will feel more responsible towards their home. If they understand what it costs them to keep it safe, then they will realise there is nothing in the world that can out-weigh that cost. Its similar in principle to having share in a company- you have right to know and perform in it, cos you have a stake in it. Along with it, will have to change our education system- a system that will support the growth of such responsiblities in young minds along with their academics.
I am not addressing the topic terrorism directly here. And it isnt my intention. I am addressing our disregard for the freedom thats bestowed upon us. I have only used the extreme case of the shoot out, as a means to get to here. Share your views...


Granny said...

My dear Neets,

The more I read of your post the more sad I felt.

Why indeed do these things happen? I don't know. There is much I will never understand. I just keep on keeping on.

Our government promotes the feeling of fear for political purposes. I will not give in to it but I feel those twinges from time to time. Not exactly fear but an unease just below the surface.

I'm sorry I haven't checked in for a while but we've had some family illness that kept me hopping.

Please take care of yourself.


Siri said...

hi neets,
I would not even target just one community. We are responsible as a people and not a religious lot. Truly, I dont believe that one community can handle everything that is required in a 'Jehadi' operation all within themselves in a country like ours where they are the minority.
I respect your sentiments when you question about what makes people want to kill..anyone. I have similar questions in my head. What makes a person kill many others he doesnt have any link with? How do they train(brain-wash) these people? What would be achieved by 'terrorising' people in a place far away from the actual reason the 'terrorists' came into existence?
What remains true through most of this ordeal is that "good" and "bad" are relative. Its the perception of individuals. And this is what is being manipulated day in and day out on both sides of any dispute.

Vivek Jaiswal said...

Nice article!!!
ur very expressive..
really feel very pitty for bangalore after LeT operation.

Mathias said...

Well written post. And thank you for commenting on my blog. Sorry I missed it until today.

Miles to go said...

Tag, your it! See my post and it explains everything!

Miles to go said...

Is it appreciation of freedom or a desperation borne of losses or a confluence of both? How does one who lives in pain like poverty reconciles nations who consume vast resources and say they are content with the status quo? Then again, Nations through corruption graft and greed builds the great infrastructures that provide water and food for the masses. It is the impetus for efficiency! Their preferred method influence it seems is war. Still the quest for efficiency has no soul and cares not for the individual. I feel that to survive we are forced to compromise or become fundamentalists.

Aru said...

What makes ppl kill is a question nobody can answer.

I dont know why you are surprised that Bangalore was actually targeted. I am surprised that it took such a long time to make the first move. Bangalore has been the hub of scientific development. It is the fastest growing city, has the most cosmopolitan crowd and is easily accessible. People are gonan target the place that hurts India and Bangaloe is definitely one of the places. The army routine is not going to change the mindset of a person. If the person is mentally weak or if the manipulator is good then there is nothing that prevents the dude next door bcoming a terrorist. The fact that Indians are turning themselves against their own country is not a good sign. But there is a reason why they are turning. Would you bare the onslaught of Bajrang Dal would you watch the destruction of Tirupathi Temple without moving a muscle? All these are weakness of human beings and there are people who exploit it in such cowardly ways as to result in a blast in Mumbai or the burning of a Staines family. It is us who have to be strong. We have to stand up and say this is our country for the good or the worse..only then will we see a stop in terrorism. If we are not strong then there is nothing anybody can do...

StaticCompost said...

I can relate to you, I have always lived in or around New York City, and spend a lot of time there. When my city was attacked on 9/11 it gave me a real second handle on reality. I realized there are people that hate me, people that hate Americans. These people hate my life and the way I live it. They hate capitalism and the western world and they are willing to kill themselves to disturb the way we operate. There will always be leaders of people who have hateful beliefs, Hitler, Bin Laden etc. We cannot let them suceed in doing what they want to do. Just as New Yorkers did, Bangaloreans should not let these people suceed in terrorizing.

Vämp!rë said...

i'ven't seen "The devil's advocate":D...dont u look at my name:P...tht's whr this poem came from:))

Rusty said...

thanks for payin a visit to look over my words, well I believe more in faith than in god. But I meant what I said..
anyway, i agree with your point on compulsory armed forces service for a pre-defined term. It will teach many in an otherwise indian milieu of self-centred individuals.